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May 2931, 2009California Air Shows
Madera Airport, Madera CA

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Bill Campbell - Skylark

Meet The Skylark...

The man who designed Skylark, David Marsden, had three objectives in mind when he sat down with a clean sheet of paper and began creating lines and contours for a new airplane: First, he wanted an aircraft that would provide superb performance and handling, pilot-friendly manners in cruise and final approach; Second, he wanted a sense of style that would get away from the 'adapted' look--you know, the look that says this concept started out as an ultralight and was upgraded, and third he wanted comfort for the pilot and passenger, enabling both to spend six to eight hours in the sky and feel refreshed when they're done flying for the day.

Performance and Handling

The Skylark has the stability of a four-place airplane in cruise. It easily achieves its efficient cruise speed of 135 mph and has Vne of 179 mph. It has a landing gear that was designed for the abuses with hydraulic toe brakes and  steerable nose wheel to assure good directional control on the ground.

Skylarks are powered by the Rotax 912 which start quickly, run quietly and can be depended on to deliver plenty of power when needed. The Rotax has been put through FAA aircraft certification standards and testing. The models provided for the Skylark come with the assurance of reliability in the most adverse conditions. Start it up, warm it up and run it up--you're soon ready to taxi onto the active runway. Skylark is a joy to drive around the ramp and out onto the runway. The superb visibility under the sliding canopy takes the guesswork out of where you're going and where the other traffic is. You've got about 300 degrees of unimpeded sightlines.

Advance the throttle and feel the surge of Rotax power as it unleashes the Skylark and accelerates rapidly down the runway.  climbing skyward at 1000fpm. When you reach cruise altitude you throttle back, adjust the trim and settle in for some exciting perspectives on the countryside below. With topped tanks (24 gallons), you've got 525 miles of range at normal cruise, 100 miles more with economy cruise.  When 'told' to turn, it can, depending on the input, roll into a bank almost imperceptibly, or nearly jerk your head off if you're aggressive. In most cases, the dual sticks require little more than a desire to move in any direction. Response from the ailerons, rudder and T-tail are instantaneous, smooth and graceful.

Private pilots can opt to add lighting for night flying and upgrade their panels for IFR flight.

Arriving at your destination, for one of those $20 hamburgers, you enter the pattern throttle back and trim for glide. Landings in a Skylark are easy. Control at slow speed is just as effective as at cruise. With a little extra stick movement in the pattern, your Skylark changes heading in the most natural way possible. There's no anxiety or wondering if you're going to "assault the runway" this time. With the final flare, the Skylark almost caresses the runway and rolls out in 530 feet. Shut it down after an hour or three and what you are left with in the silence that follows is a sense of satisfaction: YES! This is what flying was meant to be.


Taxi over to the fuel pumps with your sliding canopy open and feel the welcome of fresh air during taxi.

On arrival you'll soon see people headed in your direction. They're going to want to know what it is, where you came from, how it flies, what it costs, and where did you get it. Normal questions. You get used to them.

The style of the Skylark draws the attention of the curious and appreciative. The elevated tail, the winglets, the fluid lines of the cowl and turtle deck all inspire admiration. This is an airplane that looks as good as it flies. There's a practical side to the shape of this design as it maximizes aerodynamic flow, limiting frontal area and reducing drag wherever possible, like over the flaps and ailerons. Those winglets are more than sighting devices; they keep the air passing over the ailerons at slow speeds assuring positive control to the final flare.


Skylark was created with a roomy cockpit that will accommodate the big and tall. It is wide, there is plenty of leg room and you don't have to rub shoulders while cruising the countryside. The seats are designed for long flights, with plenty of padding, comfortable positioning and room for movement. You not only fly in comfort, but you arrive energized and ready to take up another activity with a fresh perspective.

The roominess of the cockpit is carried over into the baggage compartment, which has plenty of space and weight capacity. With full fuel, you still have room for 525 pounds of people and luggage. Whether you're headed off on a camping trip, business trip or family visit, Skylark can get you there quickly, in comfort and with plenty of gear.


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