Legends Over Madera - Air Show 2009 - Madera, CA (Not affiliated with the 2010 Madera Air Show)  

May 2931, 2009California Air Shows
Madera Airport, Madera CA

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Doug Gilliss - L-29

The L-29 jet is a military trainer built from 1963 to 1974 by the Aero aircraft company of the Czech Republic. It was the primary military jet trainer for the Warsaw Pact countries, including the Soviet Union, throughout the Cold War. Its simplicity allowed military pilots to begin their training in jets, sidestepping the traditional initial training with propeller aircraft (which the U.S. Air Force still does). The L-29 is built to carry bombs and rockets, allowing pilots to go from first flight through ground attack training in the same aircraft.

The L-29 is also a true warbird. Since it can carry ordinance, Egypt sent the L-29 into combat against Israeli tanks in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. It has also served in a reconnaissance role. The L-29 is still on active duty with a number of the world's air forces.



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