Legends Over Madera - Air Show 2009 - Madera, CA (Not affiliated with the 2010 Madera Air Show)  

May 29–31, 2009California Air Shows
Madera Airport, Madera CA

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SAFE GENERATOR USE - Legends Over Madera – Air Show 2009

Use of a generator to run your vendor operation is understandable, however, we will require it to be run in a safe and quiet manner. Use of generators will be restricted. If your operation requires use of a generator please read and acknowledge the following:

Safety: READ and UNDERSTAND the safety requirements of you generator included with your owners manual. Unsafe operation of a generator will not be acceptable. The person in charge of your Air Show operations will be the person responsible for the safety of your generator operations. This includes the safe storage and use of fuel for your generator. Use only ANSI/ASTM approved fuel storage containers. Unsafe handling of fuel will not be tolerated.

Noise: Noise from generators cannot interfere with the patron’s ability to hear the Air Show announcements. Offensive and excessively noisy generators will be ordered shutdown. We want a positive experience for our guests, vendors and performers. Large diesel generators do not always meet these requirements, so please do not assume they are acceptable. It has been our experience that the HONDA brand is the only generator brand that meets the acceptable noise level for our patrons to hear and understand the announcements. If you do not have a HONDA generator, we highly recommend that you secure one before the Air Show.

I have read and understand this policy:

Print Name/Signature Date Organization/Company

Any exceptions to this policy MUST be pre-approved Legends Over Madera – Air Show 2009 management in writing.


Airport Operation Area (AOA), Statement

Terms of Admittance to the Airport Operation Area (AOA), of the Madera Municipal Airport:

All vehicles, equipment, containers, bags, luggage and persons entering the AOA of Madera Municipal Airport are subject to security check and search, partially and fully, solely at the

discretion of the City of Madera, Lengends Over Madera – Air Show 2009, Office of Homeland Security and/or any of the following authorities: Madera Police Department, California Highway Patrol, Zaks Security Madera; or any designee of those authorities.

Acceptance of admittance and/or signing of a contract with Legends Over Madera – Air Show 2009 constitutes full acceptance of these terms. Entry to the AOA prior to noon, Friday before the Air Show will be by escort only.

I have read and understand this policy:

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Please note: Legends Over Madera Air Show 2009, and this website, are not affiliated any other Madera Air Shows.

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